Why a woman should own a crossbody bag

Tiger Marrón provides consumers with the opportunity to explore a premium collection of handmade leather bags that are unparalleled, each leather accessory is handcrafted and each designer bag is luxury, designer, effortless and empowering. Our Tiger Marrón crossbody leather bag is handcrafted in Top Grain Biodegradable Genuine Leather. Crossbody bags are very easy to wear and can be used for any informal event. When you step out, whether for a quick run to the shops, or a quick drink with a friend, a crossbody bag offers ease of utility but also freedom of mobility, all while complimenting an outfit by being a beautiful statement piece. Crossbody bags don’t just meet functionality, but they allow you to be on-trend and well-accessorized.

An outfit is a declaration to the world, and accessories are what make an outfit truly complete. Having a visible, compact and bright crossbody bag is a sign to the world, a sign of being on-trend, whilst also being practically mobile. A body close to the bag allows protection while keeping items close to you, and also allows you to carry your style statement while also being hands-free.

Our Tiger Marrón full grain leather crossbody bag is the perfect accessory for this.

The ease and comfort found from wearing our Tiger Marrón full grain leather crossbody bag makes it the perfect accessory for day use, as well as transitioning to night. To be able to reach inside your bag, with easy ergonomic effort as it’s strapped to your body, allows less effort, no struggle and simple ease to take out your belongings. The way you can peer in, and have ease of access is fantastic - reach for your phone, your wallet, your lipstick, your hand sanitizer with absolute ease and comfort, and rather quickly as well.

Choosing our Tiger Marrón full grain leather crossbody bag allows you to not only carry in ease, but remain chic and trendy. A glam combo of our statement bags, with a contrast outfit, or a matching outfit, really sends the right message to your social circle and the world!

Our Tiger Marrón full grain leather crossbody bag is perfect not just for style and accessibility, but honestly great for your health as well. Carrying the load of your bag across the whole body and having ease of movement, balanced across the whole body, while also allowing your arms to not be imbalanced by weight.

Arguably the most versatile bag there is, the crossbody bag easily takes you from day to night and work for both formal and informal outfits.

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