Bespoke: Custom, Custom-made, Customized, and made-to-order. Tiger Marrón offers customization in two impactful ways: First, we customize and personalize our product offerings, and secondly we also design and handcraft the perfect accessory that you wish to bring to life. Firstly, our product offerings are vast and once you make your selection, we can emboss it with your name, your initials, a sweet note or even a power quote! Our personalised customisation services go as far to ensure what's yours, feels and breathes like you. You name it and we can put your name on it! Secondly, no matter what the occasion is, our gifting and design consultant will help you personalize or even create a bespoke accessory that is worthy. We go the whole nine yards to handcraft and weave your dream accessories into reality. If you've got an idea of what you need, tell us all about it and watch the magic unfold. Our personalized presents are bound to impress the most discerning people on your list. Avoid the generic gift, lean into that voice that says you should treat yourself and your closest to an impactful, ever-lasting, and thoughtful gift!

A dash of bespoke, a pinch of made-to-order, a sprinkle of distinctive individuality - all possible with Tiger Marrón's bespoke offerings. When you request a design, we don't ask questions - we simply make it happen! Whether it's a multi-functional toiletry bag just the right size for your needs, or office stationary just the right range for your needs, we can design, create and personalize! You name it: leather notebook covers, photo frames, key trays, wallets, handbags, laptop sleeves, laptop bags, keychains, you're no longer limited.

Think Big: We don't just craft and create for your own personal collection, but we can do bespoke bulk gifting for: Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Promotions, Milestones, Farewells, Corporate Events, we at Tiger Marrón go all the way! The celebrations may go by quickly but what you gift stays on forever. Our customised gifting options will stitch your dreams into reality creating your own unique masterpieces and making you win some hearts.