Should I Use My Tote Bag as an office bag?

Tiger Marrón, our ladies leather tote bags are handcrafted in Top Grain Biodegradable Genuine Leather. With ease-of-use becoming paramount in today’s world, and with a strong focus on functionality and style - we are seeing the continued rise of tote bags. More and more people are seeing a huge rise in being on-the-go, faster mobility, a focus on transporting larger materials such as laptop bags, but also smaller materials for everyday use such as lipsticks. Everyone needs the space to be able to accommodate for just about anything when we’re on the go, everyone needs that staple that allows for ease of reaching, while also being a style statement. We at Tiger Marrón cater to providing you with this, our brand has a line of ladies leather tote handbags and premium leather products to support your requirements for a new office bag.

A new leather tote bag from Tiger Marrón allows you to go to college, or the office with ease, a rush to put in your items, a rush to grab your laptop(from our collection of leather laptop bag), an ease to extract the handmade leather wallet, all while looking extensively stylish. Why have only functional when you can also have stylish and on-trend?

Here are some great reasons to switch your office bag from yesteryears into a new Tiger Marrón luxury leather tote bag and make it your new go-to office bag:

1. Our Tiger Marrón luxury leather tote bags are spacious:

A key highlight that appeals to most women for ease of use is that our luxury leather tote bags are highly spacious. Our tote bags have a large capacity without looking like they are veering on too bulky, you want elegance not chunky heavy looking accessories. Laptops have become a staple for students and workers alike. While carrying a laptop bag is always a great option, for most women the ease of transitioning to an evening makes the idea of a “carry it all” purse even more appealing. In this situation, a tote bag is an excellent choice.

2. Our Tiger Marrón luxury leather tote bags are stylish.

Despite the functionality of a tote bag, there is a lot of emphasis on ensuring our luxury leather tote bags consistently remaining stylish, on-trend and highly complementary to each outfit. Choosing from our selection of good solid colours allows for a bit of versatility and a splash of color for each day at the office.

3. Our Tiger Marrón luxury leather tote bags are great any and all.

Our focus is not just to feed you one product, but offer you an entire line of products, so you can make your pick on variation, color, styles and sizes along with the possibility of bespoke gifting. Don’t just come for the practicality and functionality, but use each of our products to express a bit of your creative side too. We allow you to dress up, or dress down with each element. A solid color makes for a great office-bag, but our statement trimming makes for a great dressed-up day day and evening bag. For daily use, for travel use, and for casual engagements as well!

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