We derive our leatherware expertise from our Founder & CEO, Tiger. Our ability to breathe true life and character into our leatherware stems from our existing love of horses and equestrian sports. Through years of handling saddles and harnesses, Tiger formed a connection not just with Mistraal, his award-winning show-jumping stallion, but with leatherware.

Our brands’ mastermind, Tiger, handled tack for years, and through that we learnt the concept of force per unit area. This determines the ability of materials and joints to absorb impact. In horse riding, this allows riders to calculate jumps and ensure their tack/ harnesses do not snap, but in fashion accessories: it helps us understand the true grit, structure and stability of our perfected products.

Though our products came to life in 2018, our brand’s inception truly started three decades ago when our love for leather and fabric arose. We are not just a brand, we are also a family-run manufacturing business. One that has a strong foothold in producing home furnishings and accessories for three decades.

We decided to combine our expertise of producing for global brands, with our love for leather - and the result is our beloved and perfected Tiger Marrón. At our fingertips were ample resources and with it, our movement was born.

“It started with a team of five and a set of second-hand machines, and we just jumped into action” - Tiger, CEO

Our design mission: old-world charm, merging with compelling contemporary design. But fit for millennials and Gen Z. Easy, right?

Our focus: be on-trend, be on-brand, be evolving and bold, and constantly cater to our clients. 

Our vision: to expand our product offering, our vast manufacturing experience means we’re equipped to start rolling out entire new product segments to our clients ranging from accessories to home furnishing to apparels or completely different vertices like floristry.

Our skillset: We pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship. Our goal is the continued application of our mastery in handling leather and fabrics. 

“We don’t use intermediaries. Finest wares, positioned to last” - Tiger, CEO

Our goods: handcrafted, classic, and unique. We use Top Grain Biodegradable leather, with a meticulous application of striking design. We also offer our customers recycled vegan leather options.The affordability of our products increases its desirability. Positioned to survive and thrive, we run on the motto that our accessories are for everyone with a keen eye for fashion and expression. Our accessories are on-trend, but their relevance goes far beyond just this season. 

Our unique supply chain: We don’t use intermediaries. We are vertically integrated. It’s straight from source to us, and straight from our production line to our clients and customers. Our high-quality workmanship speaks volumes, and indicates the delicate handling we pride ourselves on. Finest wares, positioned to last. 

Our collection: ranges from spacious totes, to functional laptop bags, from backpacks to briefcases. Our accessories are expansive from card-holders, to belts, from keychains to watch straps. Click here to explore our full range.

“We understand the value in individuality. Each product we offer comes with the potential for an exclusive bespoke service. You name the item and you name your design preference, and we bring it to life with your personal touch” - Tiger, CEO

Handcrafted Full-Grain Luxury Leather Accessories