The Tiger Marrón - How do we do it?

We have been manufacturing accessories and home furnishings since the last 30 years. We have been and still are the backbone for many designer brands and fashion houses. However, we worked from behind the scenes. No one knows how their product was made or who made them.

Behind the glamour of the photo shoot and the charms of the models. There is a necessity for a well lubricated production space. Owning our own manufacturing space allows us to pay a lot of heed to meticulousness, precision and overall quality. Being vertically integrated is a major benefit that distinguishes us from other brands and gives us more capacity and quality assurance.

Eradicating middle men is how we give the prices we do,not having people take commissions in the middle allows us to keep special prices for the products we sell.

We have global supply chains for our global audience. This comprehensiveness is included in all aspects of Tiger Marrón. May it be delivery, design, sourcing, production, style or aesthetic.

People ask if we are on the way to world domination, we say we did it, you just didn't know.

We have the best collection of

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