Explore Premium Collection of handmade leather Goods

Tiger Marrón offers customers certifiably premium handmade leather goods, founded in a desire to deliver on style, design and color options. Tiger Marrón products are more prominent, deliberate, handcrafted and elegantly designed, more so than the alternate products available in the market. In a market flooded with options, Tiger Marrón provides consumers with the opportunity to explore a premium collection of handmade leather goods that are unparalleled, each leather accessory is handcrafted and each handmade designer leather bag is luxury, designer, effortless and empowering.

The inspiration behind the brand was a strong pull to provide quintessential accessories, for everyday wear, but with a strong focus on handcrafted and premium quality. Everyday wear should be durable, everyday wear should be design-focused, everyday wear should be accessible but distinctive. Tiger Marrón caters to the minimalists and the maximalists. But quality of design, handcrafted luxury and premium designer handbags are the foundation and the heart of the brand. High quality handcrafted leather accessories are our calling, Tiger Marrón bases its success in achieving this benchmark for premium handmade leather goods, whether it’s iconic silhouettes, novel shapes, or simply chic but practical designs you are looking for, each is available and accessible at Tiger Marrón. Our handcrafted leather accessories can be simple, clean and chic for the minimalists, or bold, reinforced and compelling for the practical maximalists. All Tiger Marrón products fit the essentials you need to carry, strive to fit in all practicality, and our premium collection of all our handmade leather goods feature must-have products for each of your handbag and leather accessories collections.

Our Tiger Marrón premium handcrafted designer handbags are to be worn on the arms of tastemakers. Noteworthy, accessible yet luxury - we provide practical, reinforced and on-trend products to our much-loved customers. Our accessible premium pieces look like a million bucks and perfectly compliment our taste-maker trend-setting customers.

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