Tiger Tote: Our New Collection

Tiger Marrón, is excited to launch its latest tote bag collection, ingeniously designed for the modern lifestyle with an emphasis on style, quality and functionality. The tote collection, titled Tiger Tote Collection, consists of leather tote bags and canvas leather mixed material totes. The inspiration behind the collection was to create a tote that seamlessly blends utility and elegance while remaining spacious and light-weight to become the perfect handbag. Each of the four new designs has three variants: Mama (Large), Youth (Mid), and Cub (Mini). The new collection continues to uphold our commitment to sustainability, with options available in vegan leather, jacquard, and canvas. 

One item from the collection is a leather tote bag, titled Midnight Tote. This is in a black colorway made of vegan leather and part of a trio from the Tiger Family tote collection - a spacious, and versatile bag for a conscious consumer. Cloaked in suave black, it boasts sturdy webbed straps and can effortlessly transition from being a chic holiday tote to an elegant shoulder handbag. The collection includes the Mama, a spacious tote perfect for work or travel, the Youth, a mid-size variant, and the Cub, a cute, mini rendition, perfect for your night-out or brunch escapades.

The next in the new collection from Tiger Marrón is titled The Forest Tiger Tote. It is an elegant fusion of canvas and leather bringing the charm of nature’s realm to your wardrobe. The canvas body showcases an artful, monochromatic forest design, striking the perfect balance between intricacy and minimalism. Accentuating the tote are pristine white leather straps and handles, providing a striking contrast to the canvas body. Carry the spirit of the wild with this distinctive tote that flawlessly blends style, durability, and functionality.

Unveiling more colors in this vibrant ensemble of leather handbags, this collection will have a range to choose from, to complete a collection of totes that exude elegance and sophistication. The Mama totes are designed to efficiently carry all your everyday essentials like your phone, tablet, laptop, diary, and more. These totes redefine luxury and convenience, as each of the mid and large totes in the collection comes with an extra detachable pouch and is equipped with a dog hook; D-ring for those who seek structure and security. The new Tiger Marrón tote bag collection is available for worldwide shipping online.