Top Grain Premium Leather Laptop Bags at Tiger Marrón

With the world trying to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. People are putting more emphasis on biodegradable material and recycled material and are being more conscientious in general. The success of people’s efforts lies in the difference between “trying” and “is’’.

That is, are people trying to be more sustainable, use more biodegradable and recycled material or are they indeed doing so. Knowing all the ingredients of a product at every stage is of its development is what ensures if a product is a 100 percent biodegradable, sustainable and made from recycled material. Hence, completed knowledge/ information ensures the success of people efforts.

At Tiger Marrón, we try our best to be a source of information for our consumers. We produce premium leather laptop bags with an expansive rage of other products, that are made from hundred percent biodegradable leather. These premium laptop bags are indeed sustainable at every stage of production.

Our top grain premium leather laptop bags are an extension of your personality, they come in many colour options. We have many hues for you to choose from that are made with sustainable and biodegradable colours. While focusing on style and design we ensure functionality as well. We know that a laptop bag is an every day essential and needs to be multifaceted to augment the user’s life and add ease to it. Furthermore, the top grain premium genuine leather we use, is very durable and is ideal for everyday use. The laptop bag is compartmentalized for ease and organization and continues its premium aesthetic on the inside as well. Most of our premium leather laptop bags come with a foam padded laptop sleeve and tablet compartment, a key chain holder, pen holder, mobile pocket, battery bank pocket and a three to four business or credit card slots. It also comes with an add back band, that can be mounted on a carry on while traveling, allowing the user to keep his or her hands free.

All the hardware we use is sustainable, we work with factories that have low carbon footprints and use new technology that reduce the consumption of water by 66%. Hence our hardware shines in every area, may it be longevity, endurance, sustainability or being environmentally positive.

What goes into making a premium laptop bag?

Predominantly there are five things

  • Natural leather or vegan leather- biodegradable or recycled
  • Zips and pullers -long lasting and environmentally positive
  • Hardware like hooks and buckles -sustainable in all ways
  • Design- our designs are aesthetically pleasing; Avant guard end help accentuate the user’s personality.
  • Functionality- we make products that allow the user to keep items in a systematic manner. So, they can take our bags anywhere for any occasion.

These are the ways we ensure we add value to the everyday grind of our customers with our top grain genuine premium leather laptop bags.

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