The Best Duffle Bags For Travel

With “revenge travel” being on the horizon, many people are making expansive itineraries. While one sets themselves up for destinations and activities, one should also invest in the gear that one will require to make a vacation a more memorable experience. Here at Tiger Marrón we make the best duffle bags for travel. They are made with sustainable materials like biodegradable natural top grain genuine leather, recycled polyester and organic cotton. Our duffle bags are designed to showcase style, class and functionality.

Our inside zipper is ideal for keeping boarding passes, airpods and other miscellaneous items. The long main zipper is easy to open and close. Music aficionados who carry large headphones and bluetooth speakers, have no trouble storing them in our spacious bags. Our duffle bags accommodate both genders and come in different style and color options. The main large compartment allows the user to organize the bag based on his or her choice. Snacks, laptops, jewelry, shoes or clothes, the duffle bag can keep them all.
The duffle bags can also help you organize your gym equipment, if your room is cluttered and you don’t know where to put your dumbbells, skipping rope or gloves. You can clean your room by putting all the gym equipment in the duffle bag neatly.

Our bags are built to last and have been put to the test against MMA fighters to check their durability, as expected they tired the pro’s out and won the fight. The water proof material on the inside saves the users from any spillage and the unique safe stitching techniques we use, ensure durability.

The holding handles of the bag are malleable and are made ergonomically to give a good holding experience. Therefore, even while the users have to wait in line for immigration, their fingers don't hurt and they can easily lug the duffle around, if users prefer to sling it around their shoulders, the strap allows for that option too. Most of our duffle bags also have an outer pocket for easy access so a user can quickly take something out or put something in. Making them the best duffle bags for travel.

Our patent, Tiger Marrón locking mechanism, is a great safety feature. Many bags have two way zipper pullers. If someone tampers with your duffle bag while traveling by opening the zipper, a two zipper allows the zipper to slide in two directions, hence not making a theft identifiable. With the Tiger Marrón one way zipper if someone tampers with your duffle bag when it's locked and opens the zip. The thief will not be able to pull the zipper back and the bag will be left open. This allows the owner to know if his or her bag has been tampered with.
Furthermore, the end of every puller has a small metal D that can be locked with another metal D attached on the body of the bag. This mechanism allows for quick access to locking and unlocking your duffle bag. So the user doesn't have to fumble and get irritated while locking the duffle bag when walking in the airport. Therefore, making our duffle bags the best duffle bags for travel. In its entirety Tiger Marrón makes duffle bags to accommodate all kinds of users so they can use their bag in a versatile manner and as a trusted companion.

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