Right ways to wear a backpack to Prevent pain

Let’s think back - what was the first true and trusted companion since time immemorial? The backpack! First day at school - backpack in tow, first day at college - backpack in tow, first day out and about in a new city - backpack in tow. Nothing quite compares to a backpack, but even more so when it’s a leather backpack. At Tiger Marrón, our backpacks, handmade leather travel backpacks and leather accessories are handcrafted in Top Grain Biodegradable Genuine Leather. The Leather Backpack, is the magical leather bag that consists of any and everything pertinent to one's life.

The leather backpack - versatile as a storage unit, and visible as a style statement. We’re here to support you in your quest to continuously integrate backpacks into your life, but this time as a storage-heaven, a style-statement and an elegant-accompaniment to any outfit and travel journey.

We make Leather Backpacks of general/ traditional sizes and also offer customers smaller options, as per new fashion trends. We like to give enough space in each size option, so a consumer can organize his Leather Backpack or stuff it in any manner he or she wants.

We update our designs and the functionality of our Leather Backpacks continuously. We have spaces for wired or wireless battery banks, pouches for phones and airpods and zipper pockets for miscellaneous and or small important items.

Our Leather Backpacks are versatile in designs and are used by many for official purposes. Our clay brown and black backpacks are an office favorite and are used by many bankers, IT professionals and consultants.

Our leather backpacks are crafted to sit with perfection as you wear it. If you aren’t looking for a backpack, we also provide luxury leather accessories, crossbody bags and leather travel bags.

Paying attention to how you wear a backpack can help augment your posture. It's easy to grab your backpack as you head out the door, even simply slinging it on one shoulder. But learning to wear a backpack the correct way is a great way to offload any stress on the back and keep yourself in great posture always. Developing good backpack habits is key!

The following tips get the right backpack positioning each time you put on your backpack:

  • Always wear both shoulder straps rather than slinging your backpack with one strap on one shoulder. Our Tiger Marrón fits are crafted to perfection, to sit atop your back with ease and comfort.
  • Readjust the straps and sizing so you feel most comfortable
  • Carry a stable and lessened load, though our bags offer much practical room and space, and have the strength and reinforcement to carry a heavier load, we recommend lessening the load so you can always have a great journey with each of your bags and the contents!

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