Earning reward points:

  1. The point to be credited 50hrs after the order is delivered.
  2. Tiger Marron would credit 1 point in the customer e-wallet against every Rs100/- spent (actual payment received by TM).  Example, customer to get 25 reward points against payment of Rs2500/-
  3. If the order is cancelled then the reward points to be nullified immediately. 
  4.  No reward points for those orders where customer used reward points only. 
  5.  Reward points applicable on Part Payment (refer to point 2). Example, customer used reward points and for balance amount payment is made. The customer  qualify for reward points against payment made. Refer to point number 2.  
  6. No reward points on "Duty fee" amount.
  7. No reward point  for payment value less then Rs.100. Example, if the order value is Rs.350 then customer to get 3 reward points. 

Burning reward points:

  1. The redemption of accumulated points will be optional.
  2. Reward points are non-transferable. 
  3. The customer can club the accumulated reward points with payment. 
  4. If the reward points are less then the order value, customer pay the rest amount for processing the order. 
  5. The validity of the accumulated points will be 36 months.  
  6. The store would automatically reduce the cart value subject to  reward points used as well update the e-wallet.
  7. No refund \ exchange against reward point order