Tiger Marrón believes in doing it all and doing it all well. We believe in equilibrium and sustainability and pride ourselves on it along with our artisanship and product offering. Over the years we have made a concerted and successful effort to be sustainable in all areas of our business. May that be in getting state of the art ETP/ water treatments plants. To reuse water and ensure the wastewater dispensed by them does not harm the environment. Or may it be in getting new machines that reduce electricity consumption by 30%. 

Our manufacturing process is sustainable at all levels and accounts for being environmentally positive at all stages. Our offerings include Vegan leather, recycled polyester, cactus leather and 100% biodegradable full grain leather, but are not limited to leathers. The fabrics we offer also have sustainability weaved into them. We offer organic cotton options and vegetable-dyed fabrics.

Furthermore, we believe in having all areas of production of any good to be sustainable and environmentally positive. Hence, right from sourcing to the finished product. We link sustainability at every stage. The metal hardware's we use are also made in water economical ways. Additionally, we are globally compliant in all areas of business and meet all necessary auditing requirements. We emphasize fair trade and ensure all our workers have a good working environment and are compensated well. We involve ourselves in many animal and human charities and try to do our bit on an annual basis.


Holistic sustainability is what Tiger Marrón aims at. Our next mission is to integrate solar and other renewable energy sources and make them a part of our vertically integrated supply chain.