Style meets function with Tiger Marrón’s handmade Leather bags

A common occurrence when purchasing leather is that people do not have a strong understanding of leather and easily assume that genuine leather equates to top grain leather. While one can have genuine leather, top grain is another very good quality type of leather, which not all brands provide. At Tiger Marrón, we provide full grain genuine leather bags and crossbody bags. One of the strongest and most durable parts of the hide of an animal, just below the hair that has not been sanded (as opposed to corrected grain) displays the more natural characteristics of leather, really allowing full grain leather to retain a strong character and good strong durable elements in the actual material. In this case, the grain surface is left intact all before the application of the surface coating commences, this means that the leather has more fibre strength and sturdy durability even as it ages. This creates a strong appearance but also inherent durability that really reinforces the fact that all our leather bags and crossbody leather bags are where style meets functionality with a strong focus on good materials such as full grain leather. Our handmade leather bags and crossbody leather bags are made from full grain leather that ensures certifiably good quality but also radiates it aesthetically. The grain layer is used to make full grain leather, and naturally generally lasts longer, is stronger and ages better than alternate sources of leather.

With full grain leather, we have the unique ability to give character to each of our full grain leather crossbody bags with its natural markings. Rather than carrying out sanding, to add to a sense of uniformity, we embrace the natural, durable aspect of full grain leather and use it to remarkably augment each of our designer leather crossbody bags.

With each structure of the fibre deeply interlinked in full grain leather, each hide is remarkably durable, making Tiger Marrón leather crossbody bags and full grain leather accessories durable. Of the full grain leather bags and crossbody bags available in India, Tiger Marrón leather accessories ensure certifiably good quality full grain leather and make all provisions for style to meet functionality in each of our products.

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